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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

The database contains the complete text of the KJV Bible.
   If a Bible citation (Book Chapter:Verse) is entered,
the KJV Bible will be searched for that citation, and will offer extended options.
Otherwise a regular word search will be performed.
   Citation lookups cannot be combined with word searches.

LEGEND for search results:
   [AUD] is a direct link to the KJV Bible Audio for that chapter.
Clicking on the Scripture reference itself will open a new window with all sub-windows pre-populated.


Enclosing words within quotes constitutes a phrase and will return exact results.

Using the * character anywhere in a search query will broaden search results as follows:
      Christ* will return all words beginning with Christ...
      *Christ* will return all words with ...Christ... somewhere in the word.
      burn* tare* will return all results with words that begin with burn AND words that begin with tare

Combining quotes with wildcard characters is not permitted.

Punctuation and capitalization have no impact on search results.

Please report any problems to: webmaster@internationalbiblestudents.com