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The Failure of Socialism

Bringing home the harvest

When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, the western world began to see glimpses of the "demon" they were taught to fear for so many decades. The phenomenal buildup of military might in the west, during the Cold War, was predicated on the assumption that the Soviet Union was dangerously close to overtaking the United States in military superiority. There is no doubt that the U.S.S.R. was a formidable opponent, but the records are now clear that their military industrial complex was far inferior to that of the west. Did Western leaders mislead the people? Time will tell.

As images of the once forbidden territory began to emerge, a feeling of disbelief began to replace the fear that had filled the hearts of so many for so long. It was as though the entire region was covered with dust, decades-old -- an entire civilization crumbling into ruin.

Log cabin
A log cabin in Siberia
The rusting hulk of a burned out bus
sits on the side of a road in Siberia

The nuclear threat still exists, and poses a problem of a different kind, but the economic threat never really existed. Nikita Kruschev stood before the United Nations in the early 1960s. He firmly believed in the superiority of Communism from an economic standpoint. In this regard he removed his shoe and began to pound the lectern, proclaiming to the West: "We will bury you!" How ironic that Communism was buried under the weight of its own failures.

Kruschev, and others, did not foresee the role that selfishness would play. Fallen human beings are selfish -- this was the undoing of Communism. Capitalism prospers now because it is based on selfishness.

Having visited many former communist countries, and having studied the writings of experts on the subject, it seems obvious that the single most significant factor in the failure of this experiment was decreased productivity brought on by the lack of incentive. In most rural areas of Russia and Eastern Europe, life is much as it was a hundred years ago. Farmers still perform most of their work by hand, or with the use of animal power. Even in the cities, the industrial base is half a century behind the west. We are not advocating capitalism, or any other "ism", but merely point out these things to draw a lesson.

Gate of school
A group of children peer through the
gate of their school in Moldova
Harvest Workers
Harvesting sunflowers by hand

Was the failure of Communism and Socialism foretold in the Bible? The Bible teaches certain general lessons about the concept of Communism and Socialism. There are also prophecies which apply to their rise and fall. All these verses taken together contain ample information for the astute Bible student to foresee the failure of these ideologies as inevitable, and also to understand something concerning the time in which such a failure might occur.

Someone may protest, "that is easy enough to say, since we are now looking back on the events that followed 1989." "Predictions" concerning the past can be made by anyone. However, Bible Students foresaw these things decades before they happened, and documented their case before the entire world.

In 1896, the fourth in a series of books entitled "Studies in the Scriptures", foretold the rise and fall of Communism and Socialism, long before there was a single country on the face of the earth that was governed by those principles. Published in all the major languages of earth, and distributed worldwide, this book has had a significant impact on the Christian world. The Battle of Armageddon is truly an invaluable tool for the serious student of prophecy. The entire text of this book is available on this website. We recommend it highly. Following is a brief quotation pertinent to the subject aforementioned:

"Some features of Communism we could commend, but as a whole it is quite impracticable. Such an arrangement would probably do very well for heaven, where all are perfect, pure and good, and where love reigns; but a moment's reflection should prove to any man of judgment and experience that in the present condition of men's hearts such a scheme is thoroughly impracticable. The tendency would be to make drones of all. We would soon have a competition as to who could do the least and the worst work; and society would soon lapse into barbarism and immorality..."

Elsewhere in this scholarly work, the author presents the thought that a great time of trouble would erupt in 1914, and that a social revolution would sweep across the world soon after. He died before the great socialist revolution of 1919 began the fulfilment of his prophetic expectations.

Studies in the Scriptures is still published today, and the entire contents are available on this website: Harvest Truth DataBase