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The whole world is stunned by witnessing yet another tragedy, and through the tears we hear the cry,

"Why, God, why do you allow such horrific sorrow to plague the children of this planet?"

God is not behind these tragedies. He cares deeply for the world of mankind and desires an end to suffering and death. In every sorrow He grieves: "Let my eyes run with tears, day and night let them not cease, for my people have suffered..." (Jeremiah 14:17) God will not allow evil to reign in the earth forever. Though His plan permits evil for a time, the Scriptures promise that soon a day is coming...

         when the true brotherhood of man will prevail upon the earth,

         where peace will rest for eternity upon all nations,

         where love dwelling in the heart of every man will find a kindred
            response from all others,

         and where sorrow, pain and suffering will come to an end.

The question above deserves an answer. We offer with no obligation, a FREE copy of the booklet: "And God Cried." Learn what the Bible prophecies have to say about the hope that rises beyond tragedy.

God Cried