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Great Pyramid Noah's Ark Creation Bible Research

Noah's Ark
The Biblical Flood — A Scientific Approach

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Click here for video clips of the Ark.

Click here for a crude simulation.

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Click here for a special 1-1/2 hour audio presentation on Creation and the Biblical flood:
Part I
Part II

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The following detailed scale model of Noah's Ark is based on information in the booklet The Biblical Flood -- A Scientific Approach published by Miami Valley Bible Students. We believe this presentation follows most closely the Genesis account.

The model is 7 feet and 3/8 inch long by 1 foot 2-1/16 inches wide by 8-15/16 inches high.

There are several possible sizes of the Ark depending on which measure is assigned to the cubit. The more modern measure of 18 inches for the cubit would place the size of the Ark at 450 feet long by 75 feet wide by 45 feet tall.

Using the more likely figure of 21.6 inches for the cubit gives a size for the Ark of 540 feet long by 90 feet wide by 54 feet tall. This makes the model approximately 1/77th scale.

The following thumb-nail photos are presented most recent first. Click on any image below to see a larger version. Use the back button on your browser to return here.

ark/arks000s.jpg ark/arks005s.jpg ark/arks003s.jpg ark/arks004s.jpg ark/arks002s.jpg
ark/arkr007s.jpg ark/arkr006s.jpg ark/arkr004s.jpg ark/arkr002s.jpg ark/arkr000s.jpg
ark/arkq000s.jpg ark/arkq003s.jpg ark/arkq004s.jpg ark/arkq005s.jpg ark/arkq006s.jpg
ark/arkp000s.jpg ark/arkp001s.jpg ark/arkp002s.jpg ark/arkp003s.jpg ark/arkp004s.jpg
ark/arkp005s.jpg ark/arkp006s.jpg ark/arkp007s.jpg ark/arkp008s.jpg ark/arkp009s.jpg
ark/arkp010s.jpg ark/arkp011s.jpg ark/arkp012s.jpg ark/arkp013s.jpg ark/arkp014s.jpg
ark/arko000s.jpg ark/arko001s.jpg ark/arko002s.jpg ark/arko003s.jpg ark/arko004s.jpg
ark/arko005s.jpg ark/arko006s.jpg ark/arko007s.jpg ark/arko008s.jpg ark/arkn000s.jpg
ark/arkn001s.jpg ark/arkn002s.jpg ark/arkn003s.jpg ark/arkk004s.jpg ark/arkk000s.jpg
ark/arkl003s.jpg ark/arkk001s.jpg ark/arkk002s.jpg ark/arkl001s.jpg ark/arki000s.jpg
ark/arki004s.jpg ark/arki005s.jpg ark/arki008s.jpg ark/arki010s.jpg ark/arkh000s.jpg
ark/arkh001s.jpg ark/arkh002s.jpg ark/arkh003s.jpg ark/arkg004s.jpg ark/arkg005s.jpg
ark/arkg006s.jpg ark/arke004s.jpg ark/arke005s.jpg ark/arke000s.jpg ark/arke001s.jpg
ark/arke002s.jpg ark/arke003s.jpg ark/arkc006s.jpg ark/arkc000s.jpg ark/arkc004s.jpg
ark/arka003s.jpg ark/arkb003s.jpg ark/arka004s.jpg ark/arka001s.jpg ark/arka002s.jpg

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